Fresh Eggs

Did you know that the average egg in the store is almost 30 days old before you even pick it up? julianThat’s right, “fresh” is not a term you can use with commercial producers.  Take a look at the image to the right and you will see a sample of the side of a commercial egg carton. The sell by date is the last day they will sell you the carton and in this case, that is September 9th. But, the informative number here is the three digit number that is actually the packaging date. This is the date that the eggs were laid and packaged and it is in the Julian Date system. It is a simple count of the days in the year so these eggs were packaged on the 223rd day of the year or August 11th.

At MTF, you will get eggs direct from the farm so you are getting rangingeggs that are no more than a few days old or even the VERY SAME DAY. But, fresh is not the only value that our farm offers. Our girls are given a safe, clean, and comfortable coop.

A healthy and productive hen needs a very nutritious diet that is impossible to get from free ranging alone so this is where we step in. Our hens have access to fresh water, quality natural layer feed, and oyster shells. This insures that they are happy, healthy, and providing you with the best eggs they can produce.

eggFinally, we have a wide variety of chicken breeds which means lots of color in your carton. Do you like brown eggs, white eggs, or maybe green eggs? Stop by and see for yourself or call us today to schedule a delivery. We believe you will taste the difference and that is why we say Happy Hens… Healthy Eggs…