What did you do this weekend? We had a litter of pigs!!!

If you have visited our farm, you will know that we also have Kune Kune Pigs in additional to our chicken flock. We have a young breed trio that we thought was not “making stuff happen”. Well, Friday evening we go down to check the pigs….

Imagine our surprise when six little piglets come trotting out behind mommy. That’s right, we did not know mom was farrowing and we were not ready for it. So we called in some great friends and neighbors to help us and the weekend turned into pig weekend. In fact, our other girl is also pregnant and should farrow within two days.

We are blessed to have great friends and amazing animals. Farm living is better than I could ask for. If you are looking for a KuneKune, send me an email or give me a call. We will be posting pictures later this week.


See us at Kim’s Cabbage Patch

It took exactly 3 hours after we received our new permit to secure our newest customer. If you live in Clermont, you know about Kim’s Cabbage Patch and their amazing selection of local food. Kim and Suzie have brought us in as a test so hopefully you are all supporting us and telling them how great our eggs are while you are there.

So, thank you to Kim’s Cabbage Patch and I hope you fall in love with our free range eggs like so many others already have.


See us at Burger Craft.

If you have not tried this new restaurant yet, now you have yet another reason. Burger Craft (http://burgercraftclermont.com/) is a gourmet burger establishment that focuses on local and naturally sourced foods. We are very proud to be their source for farm fresh free range eggs.

So, the next time you want a delicious burger, go to Burger Craft and tell Suzanne that we sent you.


Shelled Egg Processor Permit

I am so happy to announce that Mountain Trail Farm received our next level of permitting today. We are now a licensed Shelled Egg Processor and that means we can sell table eggs wholesale to stores and retail to consumers. This is a great news for us as we continue to grow our little farm.

Did you know that the only eggs that can be sold in a dozen carton in Florida must be from a Shelled Egg Processor. If you are buying a carton and it is not a new labeled carton with that farms name, you are buying an illegal egg.

If you like our product, please ask for it the next time you are in a local market!